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Leonard Manufacturing Resources has a long history of serving the lawn and garden industry. We are instrumental in providing decorative and functional plastic components and assemblies for both the residential and commercial lawn & garden industry. Our clients include some of the largest national and international lawn & garden companies. LMR has even been honored with the prestigious “Supplier of the Year” award and is proud to develop and continue to best serve our clients in this area through custom engineering and applications and the highest quality manufacturing.



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LMR proudly serves the automotive industry around the world. As a tier 2 and tier 3 supplier, LMR provides decorative as well as functional products consisting of a variety of automotive parts for this industry.







Working closely with our client base, LMR has created processes utilizing exotic materials and very exacting tolerances to provide a solution to the dental industry which has allowed our client to provide millions of products annually to the dental market.







LMR provides plastic components and assemblies to the industrial and commercial filtration market sector. Through early design input with our clients, we have helped to provide solutions for their needs in both air and fluid filtration systems. Working together, we have created sub assembly opportunities which have given our clients a more cost effective overall manufacturing process.









LMR provides a wide range of plastic components ranging from display packages to the lens assemblies for signal lights on cellular towers. LMR has the ability to build molds and run parts out of numerous types of materials allowing us to meet the demands of our customers quickly and efficiently. Our capabilities help our clients realize quick turn-around times as well as lower costs and operational efficiencies.