Contact:    Mike Letts

Director, Business Development

Phone:  423-639-9141

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 27, 2017


Leonard Manufacturing Resources Announces Outstanding Safety Performance

Two of the companies that are a part of Leonard Manufacturing Resources have recently reached significant milestones in their safety performance. Both LMR Plastics of our Plastics Division and BTL Industries of our Contract Manufacturing Division stress safety in their daily performance; and the results speak loudly about the companies and their employees’ commitment to safety.

BTL Industries, a contract manufacturer in the electrical components industry, recently reached 12 years without a lost time injury. This equated to 1,910,272 hours since the last lost time injury on February 22, 2005.  In addition, the employees of BTL have worked 250,263 hours since their last workplace injury.  Mike Letts, General Manager, states, “This safety performance is not a matter of luck.  It is all employees being focused on their jobs and their fellow employees’ actions.”

LMR Plastics, a custom supplier of plastic injection molded parts to various industries, has also had a record year concerning their safety performance. For the first time in LMR Plastics history, the company achieved a calendar year with no accidents.  This was accomplished during a year of record sales.  In addition, LMR Plastics has worked 1,379,676 hours since their last lost time incident.  The employees have worked over 262,048 hours since their last recordable injury.  Mike Briggs, General Manager, adds, “We have a dedicated group of employees who believe safety is first.  We work to be a safe workplace every day and appreciate all the hard work of our people to this commitment.”

If you consider these companies together, the two Leonard Manufacturing Resources Divisions have worked over 3,200,000 hours without an employee losing work due to injury. Employee involvement through safety committees, suggestions, audits, and dedication to their jobs has allowed the companies to build on this successful safety record.  This commitment to safety and to its employees is a testament to the Leonard Manufacturing Resources way of doing business.

Leonard Manufacturing Resources utilizes the power of combined capabilities and expertise of our engineering and manufacturing processes to serve other businesses. We offer a host of strategic solutions including plastic injection molding, contract manufacturing, and supply chain management.  We strive to be a one-stop solution provider that generates more value and more operating efficiencies for our clients.