CMOCO-LMR-NotSure-014-DQ9A0906Quality standards involve every team member, from production operators to the President, Bob Leonard. Leonard Manufacturing Resources uses “Key Performance Indicators” to measure the impact of strategy and tactics. We require quality, not just for the product’s result, but also for the organization as a whole.






LMR utilizes APQP methodology to guide the introduction of all new products including PFMEAs, the PPAP process, and capability studies early on to help define our process and its controls. In our Quality Lab touch probe and high resolution vision CMMs are some of the tools used to fulfill our customers expectations.






Every product we manufacture has its own operational manual, process control plan, technical specifications, and metrological requirements. In production, specific tools are used to assure the process is in control. This can be as simple as go/no-go gauges, SPC, or part specific verification instruments.