Discharge Chute AM136634



In mold labeling allows LMR to permanently add a label to the part during the injection molding process instead of using an adhesive label that will at some point come off. This is a very good way to apply safety labels to ensure they never get removed.



Pad Printed Single Part


Our Pad Printing process allows LMR to help our clients customize their products after the molding process by applying permanent artwork to the part. A typical example as shown is the application of white material to the black embossed part, resulting in a very cost effective end product which meets the needs of our client. This process is typically used when parts are contoured or printing is required on a non-raised surface.






CMOCO-LMR-HotStamping-002-_MG_0052 copy


LMR’s Hot Stamping process allows clients to customize their products with colors applied to the products after molding. This provides a durable and cost effective process for clients to add artwork to their products and is typically used when the features to be printed are raised or embossed.