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Leonard Manufacturing Resources utilizes a wide variety of plastic injection molding machines ranging in size from 55 tons up to 1,760 tons. The on-site thirty-eight (38) molding machines afford customers available capacity and the capability to produce parts from the smallest medical parts to large parts such as the cell phone tower lens or washing machine tubs. Also available are most any equipment needed post injection part value added, i.e., hot plate, ultrasonic, spin, heat staking welding; in-mold labeling; pad printing; hot stamping; and relationships with painting and plating capabilities. LMR provides an on-site Tool Shop fully capable of mold construction, but focus is placed on customer requested engineering changes, mold repairs, and routine maintenance.





Through a valued network of compounders and distribution channels, LMR sources commodity polymers as well as highly engineered grades of all kinds. These vendors range from large distributors to small resin distributors and compounders. LMR has experience molding exotic tungsten filled LCPs as well as flame retardant resins. With a solid, veteran core of tenured employees, LMR has the molding experience to support most any customer needs.

Through our procurement channels, LMR can source most pre-colored resins. If the job calls for coloring resin at the press, LMR can turn most colorant sample requirements around in 7-10 days from receipt of color sample.  LMR has experience using liquid colors, too.


LMR feeds the highest volume resins from silos located on the grounds. Those silos are piped throughout the building. If the job allows, reground resin is fed directly back into the job. Given the correct job opportunities, there is room on the current pad for two more silos. With two separate warehouses on the LMR campus, we employ 10 different docks in which to schedule receipts as well as shipments to its customers.