Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner Burns Phillips announced that BTL Industries, Inc. located in Greeneville, Tennessee, was chosen to receive the Governor’s Award of Excellence for Workplace Safety and Health.

“BTL Industries has demonstrated strong commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace,” said TOSHA Assistant Administrator Jim Flanagan, who presented the award yesterday at the BTL plant in Greeneville. “The evaluation criteria for this award are challenging, and this company has worked extremely hard to meet and exceed the standards the award requires.”

The Governor’s Award of Excellence honors Tennessee employers and employees who meet a required number of hours, 200,000 in the case of BTL, without a workplace injury serious enough to cause an employee to miss a day of work or restrict normal job activities. The number of hours required is based on the size of the company.

BTL Industries employs 75 people manufacturing electrical components for the transformer industry. BTL, which had its last recordable injury in April of 2015, has worked over 276,000 hours since that time. The award was presented by Jim Flanagan to the safety committee, who accepted on behalf of the entire workforce of BTL.

BTL recently reached 12 years without a lost time injury. This equated to over 2,100,000 hours since the last lost time injury on February 22, 2005.

Mike Letts, General Manager, stated, “Our employees work together to make BTL one of the safest plants in the state. Through safety suggestions, safety committees, training and audits, we help everyone leave work safely every day.”

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